Monday, July 18, 2011

My Very Talented Daughter!

With the ever gracious Kenneth Flanagan, on the night of his anniversary show at National Harbor, MD. I am so very proud of her, and love the way she has taken her dream and pursued it, and Saturday watched her own pieces walking down the catwalk on beautiful models. I will see if I can put up some pics... don't know if that is okay yet. Here is a link to one of the YouTube videos.... there are several. This one has my favorite piece of hers I have seen so far... the white Tulip Coat, first out. Love, love, love it!

I am so very fortunate to be the mom of two such talented and bright kids.... though they are children no more. Meg and Josh.... I love you both so very much, and you make me proud to be your mom!

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yogiknitgirl said...

Kim, thanks for sharing this. Your children are doing amazing things. Kim is beautiful and living her dreams, how wonderful that is! Don't forget one thing . . . they are fortunate to have you as their mama, guiding them, teaching them and loving them all along the way!