Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More pennsic

Yesterday was a day of merriment and entertainment. I have included a photo of the newest knight in our encampment, though it took place Monday because I just like Guy so very much. A true and gentle knight.
The roast is Steve, a goat (purchased after the skin was off, I never knew him!) and leftovers were quite tasty. I was on my way to the concerts, so wasn't there for the main course.
The first concert was Sir Kenneth and his lady Mistress Adelaide, who rocked the pavilion with fabulous music memorializing both modern SCA events and historical battles. The last piece was my favorite, Band of Brothers, Henry V's famous speech set to music... Truly a foot stomper, hand lapped, shoutin' kinda song.
The next set was The Masters, three master instrumentalists, and a vocal master. Fabulous! They set their piece in 14th century Spain as a get together of music masters discussing their students and playing the "new" music of the time. All on beautifully constructed period instruments. They even played a musical memory game, where you have to take a drink when you make a mistake! Period indeed! What a fabulous Pennsic this is developing into.

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