Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pennsic XL

The war has been declared, and the first sword strokes have been thrown, by Duke Moonwolf, who is also one of my favorite musicians. He has been fighting for the Middle Kingdom since Pennsic III! My stay is half over, and I wish it had just begun. Seeing old friends, learning new things, relearning age old skills, these are all good things, but the real attraction is what brought me to the SCA to begin with... Chivalry, Courtesy, Honor, Commitment.
Drop a twenty dollar bill, and the first five people behind you will run to catch you up to return it. The lost and found is full of items, some of significant value, waiting for their owners to claim them.
If you are a woman wanting to dance, and there is a man present, you have a partner. If you need help pounding stakes, lifting gear, fetching ice, someone helps.
On the field of battle, foes are honorable, valued, even loved. I saw opponents laughing as they fought, shared joy overflowing. Tonight a man of honor sits in vigil on the battlefield, having been washed and prayed, and listens to knights tell him what is expected of him as he joins their ranks, the most revered in the Society.
I am privileged to know him. I wish him well.

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Yarrow said...

I love your tales of Pennsic and can't wait for more. It's a shame when it's over and must be so hard to return to normality. In the meantime have