Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again!

Or getting ready is HARD!

So I decided I needed a way to make my pop up sunshade look a bit less modern... A sort of slipcover if you will. Enter 30+ yards of lightweight cotton in a black and white micro check. Thank goodness for friends at work who help and a place big enough to lay out a 12 x 12 foot monster. The top is sewn, now I need to attach ties and flaps and add the corner drapes.

Then there are the two coolers that need covers, and the dresses to be sewn. Oh well, at least the stove windscreen is done... Thank you Michael at Home Depot! Well, not done, but constructed. I still have to paint it, along with the two boxes... Make that four boxes. But I will prolly only get to paint two them before time runs out.

Oh yes, and Tuesday I need to cut and dry pineapples, and zest lemons for limoncello.... Oh how I like limoncello! And Friday is our annual renters inspection....

By the time I get to Pennsic, I may sleep for the first week! But oh, it is so worth it!


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