Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Your Face, Bravo!


I LOVE Chesty.  I may have to get a bulldog and name him Chesty.  I just love Marines that poke a little finger into the eye of the civilian establishment.  Good Dog, Chesty!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Look What Walked In!


Two ladies with a beautiful cloth of gold (real gold, not the cheap metallic stuff) cope walked in to the store where I work. It is well over a hundred years old, and they are going to restore it. The cloth of gold is good, as is the fabulous embroidery, but the lining is molding and disintegrating. The gold embroidery is done over bits of wood in most cases, and over what looked like stuffed cloth or cotton in some. My word but it is gorgeous.

The pelican in her piety is in great shape, the silver untarnished, the stitches perfect. I have not seen gold fringe like that before... Slk I think, like rayon chainette only so much better.

Oh, it is just wonderful....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ottoman Turk Outfit

For the O'Choda hafla, I wanted an outfit that was reasonably period and suited to both the weather and dancing in a, well, vigorous fashion. I made a silk shirt, down to my knees, and an entari a little longer in aqua. I had a longer coat and shalwar already, so all I needed was headgear. I found some wool felt in a deeper aqua, and used the fabulous Bernina 830 to embroider a swirly scroll...and then pinned a silken veil with gold embroidery ontop.

It was entirely successful, and I wore it more than once, and danced a bit too! Found muscles I had forgotten I had!