Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ack! How Did It Get To Be Wednesay?

I am madly getting ready for the craft show.... except I somehow just took yesterday off..... well, I must have needed it.  But I have the paperwork (yuck) and organization left to do, and then it is time to load up and move out to St Tim's Church and School for their 32nd Annual Craft Show.... I really do enjoy this, I start early each year, and still end up scrambling at the end.  Hmmmm, how can that be?  Oh well, NEXT year I will finish in September, really I will. 

This year I will be adding a few baby quilts and quilted table toppers for a change, though the main things will be stuffies, as usual.  I am still working on their names.  Names are important, almost as important as their faces.  Once their faces go on, they really develop a personality.  This gentleman is an executive at Apple, a bit corporate, but a little Bohemian too.  I think he made the collar himself, but I didn't ask how he got the feathers.... I don't think I want to know.  Knotches on a belt?  Surely not.....

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