Thursday, November 29, 2012

'The Hoard'

Is there anyone quite like JRR Tolkien?  Oh, I wish I had his diction! The Wellington premiere of the Hobbit happened last night, pretty cool stuff.  I can't imagine anyone doing it better than Peter Jackson, though he does have a free hand with the screenplay, I am afraid.  But I am enough of a realist to realize that what works in a book wouldn't work on the big screen.  Not in a direct translation anyway.  Still, the books are such gold, it would be hard for the films to live up to the potential.  I think PJ did pretty darn well in LOTR, and figure he will do even better in Hobbit.  After all, he is older, wiser, and has had some practice!   My wonderful husband has already purchased the tickets...he says he will go with me even if I wear funny clothes.... 

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