Friday, January 11, 2013

Chaos and Order

Today we saw the neurologist, and got some not so good news.  Meg actually did have some shearing and bleeding in the parietal lobe, shown on the second MRI.  No treatment, just time and watching, but it means she is more at risk than we thought for a second seizure.  She also has some facial paralysis from a crush injury to her forehead.  This will all heal up, but will take somewhat longer than hoped for, and that wasn't what Meg wanted to hear.  Nor Gil and I, of course. Still and all, she is doing well, and expected to make a full recovery.  

The wallhanging I have been working on shows pretty well her shoulder injury... there is a small bit at the top that holds it together, the break goes all the rest of the way down, with about a 3/8th to 1/2 inch separation at the bottom of the scapula.  The radiologist says it is the kind of injury they see with baseball bat assaults.  (Shudder)  The ribs are healing as expected, they take months, of course.  Her pain level is better, but not zero, which is the goal.  Time, time heals.  Rest, sleep, food, water.  Those are the things she needs.  Me?  I need my daughter back to normal!  Soon.  It will happen soon.  In the grand scheme of things.  Just not soon enough for any of us.     

 Each of the elements has meaning...I won't explain them all, but the Kantha stitching represents my prayers, and the bird is God's ever present Spirit.  


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an older, less healthy person may have had a tough time surviving those injuries. She's fortunate to have been born with her mom's hard head.... Best to all of you in 2013 and wishing her the speediest, most complete recovery possible. Great work, again, as usual!

Kim said...

Thank you