Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead?

He is risen, Allelulia!

We Christians are not so different from anyone else, really, though we should be.  We should at least try to be.  But the truth of the matter is that we are humans, subject to all the failings of humans.  I try to do well, I try to do good, and instead, I miss the mark by miles, failing to keep even the two simple commands that lie at the heart of Christendom, to love thy neighbour, and to love God above all else. 
The one thing that sets Christians apart from all others though, no matter our own personal failings, is that we have accepted the debt of Christ's sacrifice of suffering and death, and His gift of Grace in resurrection.  Through this, death really has no sting.  I will see God in His glory in heaven.  What a thought! 
Hubby preached on the difficult time Peter must have had, and I have been reading about the pain and fear Mary lived through.  I cannot imagine those times, nor those sorrows, but I am comforted knowing that I am not alone, not abandoned.  I have already read the end of the story... I KNOW how it goes. 

Christ is risen, indeed!  Allelulia!

Friday, March 29, 2013

It Is Finished

Today we remember the suffering and death of the Son of God. He who was perfect, who descended from His Father's side, and came to live as a man and die as a man, only to redeem us before our Father. It is a mystery in the real sense of the word. Something that we cannot understand, something that cannot possibly be understood. Something that is so far beyond us that we must simply see it and accept it. Take it only on faith.


I do not understand why this should be true. But I am so very thankful that God has seen me as worth saving at this tremendous cost.

I await His coming in glory.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday


Today we remember the Last Supper, the humble washing of disciples' feet by God's Son, and His achingly lonely prayer in the garden. Tonight I will drape my personal altar in black.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poker At My Place 7 O'Clock, You Bring The Chips.

Long ago, when I was but an Ensign in the United States Navy, my husband of one month had to deploy on a ship to the western Pacific and Indian Ocean.... we had had all of 10 days together, since we actually lived 1000 miles apart.  The Navy was more than just a job, indeed, it was an adventure.  So, off he went, and I stood on the pier waving goodbye, amidst a few hundred other women, many weeping bitterly.  I had never lived with my Wife Whisperer yet, though, so it was back to business as usual, with just a bit more time between visits.   Three weeks later, Hagar the Horrible had a comic strip that had me dissolved in laughter... I took it to a printer, blew it up, and sent it out to the ship.  It even got there, eventually.  It hung above WW's desk for the rest of the 8 month, 3 week, 4 day, 2 hour and 11 minute deployment.  The strip had Hrothgar, Hagar and crew going aviking, sailing away, with Helga and friends on the shore, waving to them, weeping.  Helga turned to the next wife, and said "Poker at my place, 7 o'clock, you bring the chips".  Ah, memories!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013




The fluffy part is from a lamb that died young (and quite unintended) that had a wonderful fleece I couldn't see wasting. The wool felt was very thick, so thick and dense it was difficult to sew into even with a very sharp needle. After much work with players and buttonhole thread, I have a wonderfully warm Norse/Mongol hybrid type hat. I have declared it Norse though, so it is Norse! I sure wish my hair wasn't so slippery that it wouldn't hold the style in the amulets below... It would definitely be cool to duplicate that hairdo!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This is a teaser for one of the projects I am currently working on, and its FUN!
Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America! A small group of women thought it would be fun to do a quilt challenge based on that, so they agreed to choose one of the 320 songs the Beatles recorded as a group, and use the title as inspiration for their quilts. Well, that small group of five has grown to well over sixty! The quilts will be displayed at the Quilt show in Hampton Roads next year, and there is chatter of a book. I have the first bits done on mine, and much work to do yet.
I chose a little known song whose name instantly put a picture in my mind... It is called Only A Northern Song and while the song itself is of little consequence, the mental image is lovely. I can't wait to work on it when I get a chance, though I am also trying to get a norse hat done by tonight. I figure I may need it! Of course, if it is done, the snow won't materialize, but I can always hope.
I must say, I have become a real fan of the Superior line of metallic threads... I used two others, and had real shredding issues every few inches, to the point I called our Bernina Head and threatened suicide, but when I changed to Superior, the problems melted away. I wouldn't have thought it would be so dramatic. There are organza, dupioni,Angelina Fibers, Shiva oilsticks and foiling involved too. Not your granny's quilt!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Zipper Mouth!

I needed something to make me smile... I think he will do it. Quite dapper, don't you think? His name is Archibald Hubble Stuart.