Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poker At My Place 7 O'Clock, You Bring The Chips.

Long ago, when I was but an Ensign in the United States Navy, my husband of one month had to deploy on a ship to the western Pacific and Indian Ocean.... we had had all of 10 days together, since we actually lived 1000 miles apart.  The Navy was more than just a job, indeed, it was an adventure.  So, off he went, and I stood on the pier waving goodbye, amidst a few hundred other women, many weeping bitterly.  I had never lived with my Wife Whisperer yet, though, so it was back to business as usual, with just a bit more time between visits.   Three weeks later, Hagar the Horrible had a comic strip that had me dissolved in laughter... I took it to a printer, blew it up, and sent it out to the ship.  It even got there, eventually.  It hung above WW's desk for the rest of the 8 month, 3 week, 4 day, 2 hour and 11 minute deployment.  The strip had Hrothgar, Hagar and crew going aviking, sailing away, with Helga and friends on the shore, waving to them, weeping.  Helga turned to the next wife, and said "Poker at my place, 7 o'clock, you bring the chips".  Ah, memories!

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