Saturday, May 11, 2013

Battle Of The Nations, Day 3

It has been a very exciting day.  Today Battle of the Nations Team USA has kicked, um, butt.  Last year was our first year competing, and we had a very inauspicious showing.  Not so this year!  With the exception of Russia, and there is plenty of controversy here, but I am leaving it untouched, we were steamrollers!  We looked at what happened last year, the team worked incredibly hard to develop skills and strategy, and we were awesome!  The Bears better stand by next year, because we plan on sweeping by them too.... in a totally chivalrous fashion, of course!
Actually, Team USA was indeed given the Chivalry Award this year, something of which I am every bit as proud as the fighting.  We also have a dynamite support team, including admin and publicity.  The 21 man fights are still to come, tomorrow at 0400 Washington DC time, and I plan to honor our team's efforts by watching.  The taped feed will be good too, if you don't rise so early.  But give it a watch, and see the terrific team the United States has fielded this year.  We have sent our best to southern France, to show the world our quality.  Vivat, Knights of the Drawn Sword!  

“When Sword is drawn, and steel is tested,
Men reach with bloodied hands for honor’s blade.
Through battle have their souls been crested,
by the Truth of Steel, and Flag that waves.”
    by Lilli Haicken

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