Sunday, May 19, 2013



One of the ladies I work with brought in mint and lemon balm from her garden. Every year it is over run, and she shares her bounty with us. Tonight I have brewed some lovely hot mint tea, and tomorrow, it will be cold. Tuesday, I will make mint syrup, and perhaps some mint liquor.

My own mint is coming along well, and by next year, I hope I will have to bring in a bag to share with everyone else. The chamomile too is rooting well, though the days have been too cool for much growth yet.

On the other hand, the rosemary and thyme have had too much rain, and I hope the drainage is good enough. Alas, my tiny garden is not all I could wish it to be. It is, however, a garden, and that will do.

Ah, the tea is cool enough to drink, I believe, I am more relaxed already. The day is receding, and gentle evening calls.


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