Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten Minute Block Quilt Club

Suzanne McNeill has a couple YouTubes and books out on this cool block that really does only take about ten minutes per block. I put together the first as a challenge to use fabric that was not being appreciated... In other words, we couldn't sell it. You know, it isn't bad at all, and we actually did sell some after making up the quilt top (though not at Quilt Club).

The second was my own take, using a simple color technique that looks almost like a Bowtie quilt. In the middle, I embroidered a cute little sun to echo a pattern on one of the fabrics. I used the new Bernina 780 to do the embroidery, and the 750 to piece and quilt. They are sweet machines, easy to use, well priced and versatile. I'm still not wild about the poly batting, but I can live with it. For the bigger one, I will use cotton.



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