Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is all around me, and surely all around us all. The brilliant reds and golds of the trees, the forest floor of fallen gold, the palest blue sky, or the soft grey of a rainy morning. Outside my window today, a meadowlark called, succeeded by the gentle cooing of turtledoves. There is a moist smell of soil outside; a treat in these parts, parched as we have been this year.

About the time I start to get all misty-eyed from the sheer beauty of the Earth, my two cats run up the stairs and began rocketing themselves from one window perch to another, making as much noise as a herd of rhinos in full stampede! Okay, even that can be inspiring, they are a wonderful blonde color, the same as a pale gold just out my back door on a tree I can't tell whether it is an ash or a sumac. (A botanist I am not.)

I haven't yet experienced a period dry of ideas or inspriration, but I am still new to art. I think if I get a block, a nice long walk in the rain will melt it away. Life is good.


Kelly said...

What a beautiful post :) thanks for stopping by. You have gorgeous work!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh your kitties are sooo them..and thanks for visiting..Deena