Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finished with Christmas

I have packed everything away, but not stored it yet, because I wanted to go through everything in all my boxes. I did that tonight, whew! I got 1 1/2 bags of trash and donations, and have only to store everything to be done. I made the Father Christmas years ago, but really like him, so I thought I would share him. Even if it is past twelth night! The other is a box I did to hold all my pins. I sometimes raid it to get just the right piece for a collage or book. I figure it is better than sitting in a box... or even getting worn occasionally! As you can see, I have help from a kitty... this one is Crosby, and it usually takes me no more than twice as long to do anything! Now I really have to get a couple pins completed to fill the box up. I have been working on woven hearts... I never knew there were so many variations. Since I am a weaver, the various renditions of overshot patterns are fascinating... I will take pictures tomorrow. I am not long out of bed tonight...

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