Saturday, January 12, 2008


Catiean has a great giveaway! Two in fact! Check out her whole site here, it is lovely. Wow, I just made my first link!!! I may not be hopeless after all;) Today I cleaned out my car... amazing what you can find! I am cleaning my studio too, it takes so long. I must have too much stuff. But giving it away is such a wrench...gotta use it up before I buy more. Then I will have good stuff to give away! Make Art Daily. My new motto.

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catieann said...

hi Kim

I am slowly trying to write to everyone who visited my site and you are now in both drawings. I see you are in my age range me the high end of 50 your the low end. HA i have the same motto
Art daily of some kind!!!
I have no excuse i am home alone while hubby is working and the kids are all away from the area boo hoo hoo. we should
challenge each other. i will come back to visit your blog later we have company arriving momentarily. catie