Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today I have been aching to make art, but can't seem to get past the background. Maybe just making backgrounds will be enough. I have a thousand ideas, until I get to the table. I have been listening not to music recently, but to a favorite story on CD, the Dark is Rising sequence, by Susan Cooper. It is a classic Good v Evil story, but the fact that many have told it before detracts not a whit from its eloquence. I think the dark/light may be my next art theme, I am not sure. I have also been reading up on volcanism, a perennial interest of mine. Nature is amazingly beautiful, and amazingly brutal. Without volcanoes we could not be supported by our planet, but still they wreak havok. Man too. We do great good and great evil. Sigh. Too late to contemplate the rest, a nice cuppa tea will send me off to sleep from where, eventually, my next art will emerge.

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