Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can't wait for Friday.

I can actually see my craft/cutting table... I am getting organized even if it is taking forever. I can see my sewing machine too, though I can't yet actually use it. I really need some new skirts and I have plenty of fabric and patterns. If you know me, you know that is an understatement of supreme proportions! I just can't see buying them when I can sew them. Soon, soon.

In the meantime, I am listening to Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series, one of my all time favorites. The first pic is Trouble, helping me organize by tossing the stuff he doesn't like on the floor. Love that cat! He is on my silk shelf, but he helps with whatever shelf I am working on.


Kim said...

Hello Kim, I haven't visited you for a while and thought I'd drop in and see what you've been doing. Sooo much for me to read :) Craft people tend to have eclectic work areas, or so I'm constantly telling my husband!!!

Kim x

Gail Rhyno said...

Hey your post about the milk glass (sea glass). If you're really interested in a piece (say a necklace..would be a pendant on manufactured chain, like the 'small stacks' on my website.) I'd love to do a trade of some sort?! Last summer I traded earrings for a tiny painting with a gal from another province here in Canada. That was really fun. So if you have something small you think you could trade give me a shout anytime!
Gail (from PEI...sea glass jewellery).