Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Heart

My heart is very sad today. For the second time in 3 months a dearly loved friend has lost a child to causes unknown. Before Thanksgiving, a 26 year old, Mom is doing as well as possible, always with the addition of the phrase, under the circumstances. Then, last Tuesday, another friend lost her 21 year son. He was his mom's youngest, her baby. She has 4 other sons, and a daughter, but don't think that makes it any less horrible. I pray constantly for her and her family, if you feel you can, please join me. This burden is too great for anyone to bear alone. No parent should have to bury her child. Only through the grace of God, through His holding us close to His heart, can we survive. My own two darlings are shown here. May I never lose them.


~*~ Patty said...

Losing a child is a pain like no other.... There is a word for when a husband loses a wife (widower), when a wife loses a husband (widow), but we do not even have a word for a parent that has lost a child, which speaks volumes. My heart aches for your friend and her is so very fragile and precious...
Brightest of Blessings to you and yours ooxo

kecia said...

losing a child is so devastating. the pain in unbearable. i feel for your friends.