Saturday, March 1, 2008

In like a lion?

Not quite. It was cold and grey this morning, but by afternoon the sun was out and the day was mild, must have been around 50. Unfortunitley, I couldn't enjoy it because I was inside... but it was for a class I teach, so that was way better! I had a dynamic group of women who started a bit shyly, but were soon raring to go! I simply can not teach art from a sitting position, so my foot got a workout, and I kept my shoes on all day for the first time since I broke my foot back in July! My knee, not so good. Sigh. Soon.

So the two lions above are so cute, don't you think so? They like to stay in the sun drenched windowledge, and take turns enjoying the warmth. It looks pretty good to me! They think they are pretty tough cookies, but they are both very affectionate. They appreciate their scritchies. And their kitty treats.


Catherine said...

Thank you for your kind words, I always love hearing that people like to visit.

I'm pretty ready for spring too! More nasty weather coming our way today and tomorrow!! Have a lovely day.

SweetAnnee said...

I love your kitties!! It's so fun to see them
cuddle up in a warm area..
have a great day, Deena

Kim said...

Ooh , sorry bout the knee and foot. I broke mine right after I had my baby , and staying off didn't happen at all. Took ForEVer to heal. :O).
LOVE the bead storage - how cool is that!!!