Sunday, April 6, 2008

How Many?

My word there are alot of squirrels who dine at Chez Kim! I have started keeping a photographic record of them all. So far I have pictures of One Ear, Scar Butt, Skinny, Fatty, White Ears, and Fluffy, but there are lots more. Half Tail, Notch, Junior and Dopey come alot, and several more come occasionally. I have to go back through my pics to be sure I haven't forgotten any.
Today it is raining, and everytime one of the little cutties comes to see if there are more nuts, we throw out a little handful. Such diligence must be rewarded! I always worry if I don't see one for awhile, but then he will show up just fine, so I guess they just vary where they eat. I am sure I am not the only sap feeding them! More pics tomorrow!

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mary schweitzer said...

They are so much fun to watch aren't they? We have dogs who think they are fun to chase too. They never catch them tho.