Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Mermaids

So here is another little quilty using mermaids as the subject. I wanted to try the edge treatment in the latest Quilting Arts issue. It will be terrific, but definately takes practice. The technique consists of two stitchings over a cordenette. If you pull too much while stitching it stretches right out, and if you don't keep enough tension on, it gets crooked and sucks the edge into the needle plate. Still, with practice I think it will be a terrific solution. As to the quilty itself, The shell is a wet matte medium transfer, the mermaid was printed on silk, and the lovers also on silk but then applied to a pearlized vinyl scrap. The flowers were a thrift store find, and the rest of the embellishments rounded the piece out. I especially love the silver fish, a button from the fabric store I work in... it is nice to have inspiring goodies right at hand.


mary schweitzer said...

This is just beautiful! How big is it? I just love it.

Heather Robinson said...

Your work with fabric is just so inspiring, Kim. I just keep looking at the book that you created for me and marvelling that I have it in my hands. It truly is gorgeous! This quilt reminds me of it!! Bravo, my friend.

Pearl Maple said...

Great fabric work and mermaids are a magical theme to work with.

Am enjoying getting out with the pirate party and seeing what everyone has been up to. Hope you are having fun.