Saturday, July 5, 2008

Color Class

So here is the first excercise in the new Color Class for my yahoo group The Artists Circle. The idea was to make a 9 bit scale between black and white... I can't follow directions, so my scale has 10 bits!
The wagon, or caravan more properly, is for a challenge. It is only half of it though, the interior is the part of the challenge that will be swapped. I haven't got all the pieces together, but most are cut out. These should speak to our own ideas of what a caravan should be like, what we would like ours to look like. Mine of course has to be fabric! I used a batik that I then foiled in gold, used a gold Shiva oil stick, and freemotion embroidered the top. The bottom was a box from Michaels, and the wheels are bookboard circles, wrapped in copper tape and soldered. My soldergun is not quite hot enough for silver solder, so it is pretty lumpy. Next weekend, a hotter gun!


Kim said...

Hi Kim, thanks for asking about Merlin. I'm being careful what I put on his blog at the moment as the Eriskay society have refused his registration and I need to change their minds!

He's being a fab little boy, though and I'm really pleased with him.

Kim x

mary schweitzer said...

I like your gypsy wagon! And I never tried to solder cardboard, hmmm...

Sanja said...

what a beautiful wagon!!great work!:0)))

Merci-Notes said...

what a great challenge! Did you choose the caravan or was that a requirement? I have loved caravans ever since I saw the Mackenzie/Childs caravan they did for a Neuman Marcus Christmas catalog many moons ago! It was also fantastic! I can not wait to see your interior.
With Kindness,

Kim said...

By the way, I love the wagon and would love to live in it :)

Kim x