Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Caravan, obscured

Okay, so this is the basic fabric collage, but the lightmisting I sprayed on (to cover an irregularity) turned into a very opaque mist on most of the pieces . This rendered them unusable for the swap. Sigh. But it turns out I am not the only one still incomplete, and I can do them again. This time I will outsmart the watercolor paper, and will use fast-2-fuse as a base. Gosh I am glad to work in a good fabric store! Well, even though I hate fussycutting, In this instance, I am anxious to start over. Now I just have to find a way to pry off the charms! I stuck them down pretty well...:)
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Lavinia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Kim. I love dailypuppy too! Especially the pugs, oh my goodness have you seen Panda the pug? Too adorable. Please post the second go at this collage. What an enchanting composition.