Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sashiko Quilting

I love this medium. I am far from exceptional at it, I am still very much learning, but I love it. For those who do not know of it, sashiko is an ancient Japanese form of quilting, originally used to layer older perhaps thin or ripped fabrics to make a warmer or more complete garment. It has become an amazing artform, with firemen and fishermen certainly at the apex. Some of the stitching is tiny, very dense. I am not there yet. I am making another sample for my classes, this one is to teach the basics of the technique, and ends with a small cosmetics pouch or evening bag at the end, depending on the closure. This needn't be dense, just pleasing. I like this pattern, especially in the traditional indigo blue with white stitching. I do some of mine on silk (thank you Nancy Shriber) using a piece of flannel beneath, but this is simply cotton with a little cotton batting to pad the sides of the purse. I think I will use a wild color as the lining... to feed my inner wild child! I am not having as much time to play with fiber and paint as I would like, but then, I would like to spend all day. A little too greedy I guess.


Kim said...

That's a really unusual form of quilting, it's quite lovely :)

Kim x

Kim said...

Thank you Kim!

yuriko said...

I love this post! I'm not a quilter, but after looking at this, I want to start!