Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun This Weekend

On Friday my wonderful husband and I spent a day together (something we need to do more of!) at the newly reopened US History Museum. They have done a wonderful job with the Star Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired it that is, but no photos are allowed to be made. The mounting is now archival, and it was really pretty awesome to see it so closely. The display is low light, and there is a pretty good historical story section too. We also saw the America at War display, it was really well done. They go from the Revolutionary War to Gulf 2, and even have a Huey in there. That thwop is so distinctive. The new Huey will have 4 blades. Better.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So this is what I did this weekend, inbetween looking through a zillion pages of geneology... so cool! This is for a class I teach in a couple weeks, using surface design techniques to make it cool. I should be able to finish the second sample tomorrow of Tuesday evening. I hope. I used a cotton/linen mix for the base fabric, it was a nice boring beigey tan. I used Adirondac spray paints in 2 colors of brown, 2 of green and red pepper, then drew the basic design with a fabric marker. Then the real fun began...Shiva oilsticks and thread, rawedged applique and organza burned away and left visible too. More thread. All sewn on a backing of drapery interlining (flannel). A little more Shiva, and finally, a tiny spiders web on the back window. Sew it all together with a lining of the original tan fabric, and voila! Time for Tea Cozy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Those very fat squirrels!

I don't know how to get a picture really to show how very round these little sciurids are now. They obviously haven't had too stressful a winter so far. I suspect we may not be the only people feeding them. I haven't seen One Ear and her clan in several months, so I assume they have moved on, one way or another. The White Ear clan seems to be in the top spot now. Take my word for it, these guys (and gals) are spherical!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hamish and Katie

Hamish and his little sister Katie appeared out of a thrift store sweater I got at least 2 years ago.... the recent publication of Somerset Studios "Stuffed" really kicked me into high gear on making soft toys. I think they are pretty cute! I have a few more sweaters and some woolen fabric I have fulled in the washer... I am thinking of birds and maybe rabbits too. The felt I used is wool too, I like it better than the acrylic. I stuffed them with polyfil, but I picked up a new filling that is in really small bits, so the stuffies should stuff mor evenly... but then I like them to be a bit off anyway! What do you think?

Proud Mum

Last evening we got an email from my son Josh, a Marine in Okinawa. On Monday last he put on Corporal! Here are some pics he sent.... does he look like a Marine, or what! The Capt and FSgt are two that he looks to as role models. They are doing a great job! He will go out with 31 MEU, a deploying unit, but we don't know where he will go. I hope he stays safe... when my husband was with 22 MEU in '93-'94 I learned he would go to Bosnia on the radio... not my preferred method of obtaining info! We can find out after he deploys, the movements are classified before execution of orders. Yup, I am a proud Mum!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

12th Night!

Well, yes, it wasn't actually 12th Night, that was last week, but the 2nd weekend in Jan is always reserved for the Kingdom of Atlantia's celebration of 12th Night. I haven't gone in a while, a few years in fact, and since it was so close, I was really looking forward to it. Feast was run by one of the top cooking Laurels (that is the highest level award) and was magnificent. Atlantia is rightfully proud of her Peers, and Master Turloc is one of the best! I am still stuffed! Dancing was well underway when I left. A twisted knee from yesterday kept me from all but the pavans :( but I had a terrific time anyway. So enjoy a few pics of me and the festival! I guess I should say that my place and time is 7th Century Cymri (or Wales to you Saxon invaders) and the people here range from late Roman (we call them Byzantines) to Elizabethan times (with a heavy preponderance of Tudors this year) and everyplace from Mongolia to England to Persia and Russia.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, new ideas

What a strange Christmas it has been. I had migraines before, the flu (yes I had my flu shot) for a week right at Christmas, and migraines after. Maybe I am done now. These were done as gifts, so I finished them during that weird period. The purse and cat are made from the same sweater, the cat is going to a cutie little boy about 18 months old. I got the new Somerset mag on soft toys (Stuffies? Softies? Drat, can't remember) and had this kitty rattling around for days in my head. I think he won't be the last I do! I haven't made things like this before, so I am still discovering how to do them. Of course the first consideration for Ze'ev's toy was safety...but aside from that, do I want it bottom weighted? Standable? I don't think so. I think the safety aspect outweighs the asthetics in this. The purse was for a friend... hope she likes it. It is fun to do stuff like these, the felt is so easy to work with and the patterns are simple and cleancut, they are just a joy.