Saturday, January 10, 2009

12th Night!

Well, yes, it wasn't actually 12th Night, that was last week, but the 2nd weekend in Jan is always reserved for the Kingdom of Atlantia's celebration of 12th Night. I haven't gone in a while, a few years in fact, and since it was so close, I was really looking forward to it. Feast was run by one of the top cooking Laurels (that is the highest level award) and was magnificent. Atlantia is rightfully proud of her Peers, and Master Turloc is one of the best! I am still stuffed! Dancing was well underway when I left. A twisted knee from yesterday kept me from all but the pavans :( but I had a terrific time anyway. So enjoy a few pics of me and the festival! I guess I should say that my place and time is 7th Century Cymri (or Wales to you Saxon invaders) and the people here range from late Roman (we call them Byzantines) to Elizabethan times (with a heavy preponderance of Tudors this year) and everyplace from Mongolia to England to Persia and Russia.

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