Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Angel of the Sea

Well, this is what I have been working on for the last ten days. She is for the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition... my first time entering anything like this. She is based on the head of an angel on an icon, blown up and printed on my inkjet printer. Then I made several phototransfers of marine critters and used composite leaf. I covered everything with organza, stitched the features and hair. I burned away the organza over the face and critters, then I tore organza and used it to stitch seaweed, also silk ribbon. I used a netting at the base, and I painted and deformed Tyvek and sewed it on too. More stitching, ribbon anemones and seed stitched her hair some more. I pleated ribbon and sewed to the outside. The background is rayon-silk velvet backed with 2 layers of cotton flannel, then hand stitched in no particular pattern, then shunk in hot/cold water and the dryer. I supported everything with foamcore board, and finally sewed on a hanger. Phew, done. I am not hopeful of a prize, but want to get new kinds of needlework in front of people. Not many here do this kind of stuff, or at least in public. I shan't be embarrassed to show her off!


mary schweitzer said...

Oh Kim, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Such a lot of work, but so worth the time and love that went into it. I am sooo impressed!

Dawn said...

Kim, Wowza girl!!! this piece is STUNNING!!!! You love in creating this piece shows, it is truly evident to the last stitch how much effort you put into it - if I could create something like this I would be jumping through hoops.... and you are a winner to me... Thanks for sharing your beautiful Angel xxxx


Kim, I found you through the mixed media group,and am so glad I did! This is truly an art piece...AMAZING! Your combinations of textures and stiches make it gallery worthy! Wowza...and if I were the would have the best of show! You are truly gifted!

Susan said...

This is outstanding! You are sure right that this isn't your grandmother's needlework. Thank you for sharing.

rebecca woodward said...

Kim, this piece just blows me away! It's totally amazing, and as you tell about it I am even more appreciative of it! I can just imagine what those who see it in person are going to say...
Bravo girl!

rebecca woodward

Zeborah Loray said...

I love it.
My mother and grandmother did a lot of needlework. I know they would have loved it too. ;)

I have all the supplies and tools (inherited from them) for doing needleworks- I keep saying I'm going to delve into this.

Seeing this piece is wonderful inspiration. Thank you for posting. Post MORE.

I even have a spinning wheel and a four harness floor loom. The loom I've used (manyyears ago)- the spinning wheel- not yet. ;)

Mer said...

What a lovely piece. Love how you mixed medias on this wonderful piece of art.

Artifice said...


What an incredible piece of art you have created! Thanks for sharing it with us!