Saturday, March 21, 2009

Too Much Time on Blogging!

It seems like I have spent too much time on the blogging highway, and not enough time either creating or organizing. I have gotten a bit fyrther on the cross-stitch knit scarf, and had a wonderful time with my husband visiting Woodlawn Plantation Needlework Exhibition, and organized my studio spaces so I could fit my little loom in to weave on it, and finally, spun recycled denim.... ugh, love the color, but it is really HARD to spin. I want to work on making the yarns I want to make rather than the ones the fibers seem to want to make. Sounds funny, but it is true, fibers seem to spin easily into some forms, and be sticky and lumpy when forced into others. I will conquer this issue, but I think not easily!


Mom2fur said...

I'm guilty of too much blogging and not enough creating, too. It's just so addictive!
It must be fun to be able to spin your own yarn. I bet it's really soft and nice to work with.
Your cats are so cute. I have two myself, as well as a chihuahua and 2 ferrets. And we throw peanuts to the squirrels, too! They actually come up to the sliding glass doors and wait for us each morning. There are five of them. There's one that will tap on the window if we don't show up right away.
And I can't even count how many jays we get. Sometimes, I'll stand out there and feed the skwerlies just so they can get the peanuts before the jays do.

Victoria said...

It's so hard to make time to do it all. Sounds like you are doing an excellent job of finding a good balance in my opinion, and your knitting looks lovely!

mary schweitzer said...

It's so easy to get lost in Bloglandia! So much to see, so little time!!