Friday, July 24, 2009

Its that time of year again!

It is time to get my camping gear in the car, the gas tank filled, and my funny clothes packed... its time for Pennsic! I may not post again before I leave, but then again I may. Busy time. See you when I get back!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting Ready

This has been a busy weekend... only 16 days til Pennsic! So I am finishing up the applique project I started way back in the winter. I haven't put any of the detail on yet, they are actually dogs... a dalmation and a dal-negative, and will have spots and eyes and everything! They are in wool and wool felt, and I think I will like them. I have couched two rounds of pearl cotton around the perimeter... so far. Details will be added in wool thread, and I think it will be mounted on a larger white banner to hang in front of my tent.

The sock is for a friend I will see there, I really love the eyelet ribbing. Oooh, look at all that cathair! The little darlings just love to lay on the chairs in our computer room when we aren't there... and even when we are!

I am disappointed I haven't finished spinning the icelandic fleece yet, realistically I can probably plan on starting weaving it this fall or early winter. I plan on spinning lots at Pennsic too, as well as doing some embroidery and stitching some books together. Assuming I get the pages cut and the leather too. I will take knitting too, and some reading to do.

Before I leave I need to make some fruit syrups and sekanjebin, a mint and vinegar syrup. Along with tea, they will keep me hydrated. Though it hasn't been as hot there this year. It is okay with me, in fact if it stayed under 80, I would be very satisfied!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pretty Yarn

Ooh look at this scrumptious handspun yarn that Kathleen Michelle
over at (A Bag of Olives) sent me! They are a truly beautiful purpleyblue, the photos do not do them justice! I will be finding just the right pattern to show off the sleek stuff... it has great drape, so it will be something around my neck I am sure. The lovely plum scarf below it is finally finished... except for weaving in that short bit on the bottom (oops). I have started, ripped out, and restarted a lovely shawl for a friend... hopefully it will go faster than this one. I need to finish up the cotton that is on my wheel, so I can move on to the wool that is waiting to be spun. I wish I had more energy to spin and weave and sew and all after work, but I most often just read blogs or at best knit. Sigh. Instant infusion of energy needed... SEND IN THE CHOCOLATE!
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I feel great!

It has been a weekend of work, but the kind of work I can't get enough of! I like the results! I morphed a copyright free pic, made it black and white, and then used freehand embroidery to emphasize the shapes, and then painted one pod and stem. Last, I used gel medium to attach a silk transfer to complete the visual triangle. The second piece is a large welting cord purse. I used 12/32" cord, covered with a black and white batik and sewn with red Fun Fur. The glass bauble helps emphasize the black banding. Ah, the third piece! I took Hamish and Katey (my stuffie kitties) in to work, and I have been missing their funny faces, so.... meet Fiona, a little brown bunny. She is made out of a pair of angora slacks a friend gave me. I am still working on a hedgehog! All in all, this has been a great weekend. I need more like this!

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