Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pretty Yarn

Ooh look at this scrumptious handspun yarn that Kathleen Michelle
over at (A Bag of Olives) sent me! They are a truly beautiful purpleyblue, the photos do not do them justice! I will be finding just the right pattern to show off the sleek stuff... it has great drape, so it will be something around my neck I am sure. The lovely plum scarf below it is finally finished... except for weaving in that short bit on the bottom (oops). I have started, ripped out, and restarted a lovely shawl for a friend... hopefully it will go faster than this one. I need to finish up the cotton that is on my wheel, so I can move on to the wool that is waiting to be spun. I wish I had more energy to spin and weave and sew and all after work, but I most often just read blogs or at best knit. Sigh. Instant infusion of energy needed... SEND IN THE CHOCOLATE!
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Kim said...

Thank you for your kind comments and Merlin thanks you too. I'm trying to stay calm but had a massive panic attack last night. I'm back on track today :)

I love the wool, and the shawl looks just so perfect for cold evenings. I hope you had your chocolate :)

Kim x