Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Middle Ages, housing

There is a wide variety of domiciles at Pennsic, ranging from common dome tents to perminent structures, from truly primitive to outrageously luxurious! Some are rebuilt on site every year, like Casa Bardicci (at least I think that is how it is spelled) and takes 1 1/2 weeks to set up, and some stay all year and are just hauled out by tractor from the storage area. I take a wonderful "A" shaped tent (called a geteld) that I made myself, andd it goes up very easily every year. I rent a modest storage shed so I don't have to drag everything back and forth each year. Some folks fly in and have little more than their clothes, and some have large yurts or trailors that have a skin on top to disguise their modern looks. One group of Romany (gypsies popularly but incorrectly) brings life size wooden horse profiles made from plywood, and then carry them around the site, making clipclopping sounds ala Monty Python! As a whole, we have a somewhat warped sense of humor!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Middle Ages, Arts and Sciences

More Pennsic! There are some VERY talented people in The Known World. The time period covered is from the fall of Rome to the death of Elizabeth I, or about AD450 to AD1603. The first photo is of a variety of period needlecases, ranging from hollow bones to wrought metal.

The chair is a simple but well executed example of an X legged chair in walnut. I wish now I had taken more pics of this gentleman's work, it was lovely. Then we have a beautiful embroidered piece, in the style of the Bayeau Tapestry (not a tapestry at all, but rather embroidered). The subject is the 19 Kingdoms in today's Society.

The cape that comes next has appliqued shapes on it in wool. Period applique is a little different than ours, using couched threads as outlines around raw edges.

These shoes are the very same pattern as the ones I am making. I have played with them for a year now, and haven't been satisfied with the fit. After speaking to the shoemaker, I have a fresh outlook. Notice the ducktape footform (last) to help fit the shoe! Genious! I have used ducktape for a manikin, why didn't I think of it for my feet?

This is a lovely linenfold carved oaken chest, the joinery is amazing.

Ah, pottery. If I needed another hobby, this would be a top contender. I now own the wonderful lamp in the center position. A little olive oil and a cotton twist or wick, and you have a very safe effective lamp.

This lady's necklace is modeled after the photograph beside it. Metalwork, lampmade beads, all beautifully executed.

This stuff is alot harder than these artists make it look! There is alot of very hard work shown here, and I have barely scratched the surface.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from the Middle Ages

What a terrific time I had! The weather ranged from beautiful to not so much, and I ended up buying a new sunshade because of a nasty bout of wind. Straight line and no accompanying rain (whew) but going into town was not on my list of things to do that day. Never the less, I had a great time. I spent alot of time in the performing arts tent, seeing wonderful shows and learning new songs, took classes nearly every day and tryed out new food and (yummy) drinks. I also saw lots of friends I don't get to see during the year, though two of the best were not able to come. I have posted a few pics, the first is of Wolgemut, a high energy really fun band. They play period music (and new stuff too) on period instruments, and speak in a really bad German accent! The next pic is my (new) sunshade where I cook and read and comb wool and everything but sleep and change clothes. Then my tent. I made this several years ago from brushed twill cotton, and it has been very very good. The tent breathes better than any other I have used, goes up easily, keeps out the rain, and has only 10 stakes to be driven in (though more can be used if deemed useful. I am thrilled it turned out so well. The last picture is of Mistress Marion of Heatherdale, another of my favorite bards. She is a fabulous singer, plays several instruments and is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet! I also have photos of some of the many Arts and Sciences projects displayed on Monday. I will post them tomorrow. I am finding it hard to come back to the present. I always do, and will spend the next several days missing Pennsic. Where else can a girl find courtesy, chivelry and honor... okay, in the US Marines, but where else? Sigh, well, back to the real world and all.