Thursday, December 31, 2009

First One Done!

Well, that was a long time coming, but I have finished my first piece of clothing inspired by Lord of the Rings! It was actually to be the "muslin" for a wonderful teal mohair/wool coating that I have, and was based on the "Ice Blue Coat" Eowyn wore in the extended version of The Return of the King. I got the pale greyblue floral velvet for $2.97 a yard from the fabric store I work in, and some nice sandwashed silk in gunmetal grey for I think $6.88 a yard. The collar was cut off a thrift store coat and the silver buttons were from a bargain bag, so the whole thing was very affordable indeed. In the making and wearing though, I have decided that it is wonderful as a robe (though a little tough to make breakfast in) but I will make the coating into a shorter more modern coat to actually be able to wear more frequently. Even this one is tamed by cutting down on the length of the body and sleeves...after all, Eowyn only had to wear hers on a sleeping couch, and didn't have to actually move in it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Several more inches!

The snow is considerably deeper now, and thanks to the help of 2 young neighbours and my dh's hard work, we have a well tended path to the car. Unfortunately, tomorrow we will have to dig out behind the car. Church has been cancelled, so dh won't have to preach and so can dig. Brave and good soul! The store I work in was open today, though a snow emergency is in effect and the governor has asked everyone who can to stay off the roads. Tomorrow we will surely be open too, and I will schlep in as usual. I figure on an hour for the 15.5 miles.
I got more of the creche up too, so enjoy the pics of the travelling kings and holy family and the cold but hardworking shepherds, and the diligent women who keep the homefront comfortable!

SNOW and a few thoughts

There is SNOW! Real snow, thick snow, 12" of it! So pretty. The roads are not pretty. If you don't have to go out, better you not go. If only it would stay until Christmas.... but we are supposed to have highs in the 40's next week.
I am well on my way to finishing the "muslin" for my coat from Lord of the Rings. It is in pretty greyblue floral velvet, very silky, and has a gorgeous drape. I got a fur collar on one of my thrifting trips, it is really dry and fragile, but I am working with it. Only the hem left to do, and a little handwork around the collar. It has definitely been a learning process. I haven't ever worked with fur before, and not much with velvet, but that will help with the coat. The fabric for that is a fabulous mohair clipped pile wool coat-weight, heavy and rich.
I am almost through with Christmas too. I still have a bit of work to do on a couple presents, and a bit on decorations too. Here is the first go at the shepherds for my creche, the town is under construction, and the stable nearly empty. Mary and Joseph are travelling, and the Kings not yet seen. More as they appear. I encourage all of you who blog to put up photos of your decorations (especially my favorite, creches) and if you facebook and it is appropriate, to join Calling all Christians... see how many we are!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow!

Our first snow of the season... I wasn't sure we would have snow, the forecast changed every time I turned on the telly. I woke to the sound of rain, and a sinus headache, and the temp at about 40 degrees. The temp fell slowly, and the snow started after a couple of hours. Nothing stuck at first, but as the ground cooled it began to dust the ground and cars. It is so pretty! If the rain/snow line had stayed stationary, we would have several inches, but it would snow for awhile, and then rain for awhile, then snow and so on. The result is a slushy thin snowcoat, but I loved watching it anyway.
So while I was enjoying the flakes, I also enjoyed sewing. Though I would love to say I got to sew on my LOTR project, my son's Christmas easily
took precedence. I hope what I made him fits... he's been gone 2 years, and is fit and muscled. Anyway, I enjoyed making it. Another shopping trip and we will send the packet off to Okinawa. It is a very long trip, halfway around the world. I miss him.
I did try to sort through all the gorgeous fabrics I have been fondling for my Arwen and Eowyn dresses... I also got a soft cotton dress cut out to try as the underlayer of the Requiem Dress. I dyed the knit fabric along with the silks last time, and it turned a gorgeous blue color.
And, I took pictures of some stuffies I made, which will be for sale soon! Seems things are marching along...