Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flurries but no stickin'

I am happy to say we are back to a normal trash pick up! They acually picked up on Tuesday (thank you Fairfax County). The county has widened our street's passage and no new snow has accumulated. Whew. I am beginning to like the flurries that don't stick! The squirrels are all back to fighting over peanuts and trying to figure out how to get into the birdfeeder, BUT FAILING HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ahem. Birdies are very happy and munching away at the constantly refilled feeder. Most of the snow is off the deck and the front bushes, but I am worried about the azelea. It has been nice watching the olympics, but I am too old to go to bed this late! Gotta get to bed by 11 latest! Josh leaves for NC today or tomorrow... it was really nice to see him, and it won't be so long til next visit, but I am still going to miss him. I don't interact with him as much as dh does (it is that INFJ thing) but it just feels nice to have him around. At least he is on the same continent!

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Sharon said...

Camp Lejeune? It's never easy.