Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Lovely Day

I had an absolutely splendid day, it couldn't have been better. I went to a friend's house, we climbed in her car, and off we went on a day of camaraderie, shopping, and all around good fun! The weather was perfect, sunny and 70 or 72f and it wasn't too crowded on the roads or in the shops. We hit both antique shops and thrift shops, though I only purchased something at the first shop. I got a lovely shawl and a cabinet card to make a book from, and I think I may go back there to pick up a picture for dh and a pennsic potty for me. Seems a worthier purchase than a spinning wheel right now. If my Etsy shop kicks off, maybe a wheel isn't too much later, but not to trek up the hill at night in the rain... oh, heaven! I haven't seen Lynette in way too long, and she is a treasure. She is my own angel too, she is generously helping me both mentally and physically get my art business started. Scary, but good. A great day all around! More tomorrow, I have a date with a pillow! Love you Lynette!


Yarrow said...

What great pictures :) Is that you in them? What fun you seem to be having :)

Take care and best of luck with Etsy :)

Kayla coo said...

Sounds like my perfect day and you have all that sunshine which sadly we are lacking...just cold and grey!
M x