Monday, May 24, 2010

In the throes of a virus...

Oh my, this one is a doosey. I haven't had a virus this bad since 2004 when I had meningitis. This is really awful, the sorest throat I have had in memory, I don't want to swallow. Headache. Cough. Ears clogged and stuffed. Sinuses full. Ugh. After my shower I had to sit down to brush my teeth. I haven't eaten but two real meals in ten days, Gil is feeling better (he is the one who gave this to me!) and will feed me, but I have no will to eat. I am vaguely hungry and know I should eat, but have no energy to do so. I am trying to think of it as medicine, without fuel, can't get better. What a bother.
I actually ate breakfast, and after recovering from the shower, saw Tipper (That Brazen Squirrel that has been giving us all the problems) and one of her babies on the deck. Trouble and I went out to have a chat and take pictures. Trouble knows better than to chase her... Tipper has been known to jump onto cats who chase her and scare the jeebers out of them. She appears to have little fear of people either. Doesn't want you to get too near, but she will get pretty close. We had to put hardware cloth on our window screen to keep her out of our kitchen... we still haven't figured a way to stop her from eating through the screen door, so that has to stay closed til we get smarter. She is to be respected. Rodents are brainey. Good at puzzles. So far though, the up-armoured window is holding.


Sharon said...

Your pictures are entertaining and I hope you feel as chipper as they appear very soon. I had something like that in that last century. Gleep, that sounds dire. Feel well soon.

Yarrow said...

Hi Kim, I was about to comment here when I noticed you'd already beaten me to it :)

Sorry to hear that you've been poorly and hope you feel up to eating a bit soon.x

Merlin is doing very well, but yes, I've been very lazy with his blog. I have to sign out of this one, then in to the old one.... such a bother! There are a few pictures of him on my studio blog. He's matured now and stopped being such a pickle as his sensible head has grown. Of course, he still has his crazy moments :)

Morning's Minion said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
I came over here to get acquainted and have been enjoying your photos and projects.
Spinning and weaving are skills I wish I'd had time to explore....too many interests for one life!
The flu sounds nasty---hope you are recovering!

~*~Patty said...

Sorry to hear you got hit by THE bug! Yours sounds a bit worse than what I had, altho I am just now coming around and it's been nearly a month with the lingering cough! NO fun! The only good that I can see that might of come of it for me is my appetite was dampened.
Take care Kim, happy to read you're doing better!
Great photos too btw!