Friday, June 11, 2010

Quietly Coming Back

You know it really was a long three week illness. I am much much better, and have been back at work a week, but I still tire easily, and still can't hear well out of one ear. I saw (yet another) doc today re the ear, and got yet more meds, but the good news is that it really is only inconvenient and not a danger to permanent hearing loss. Whew. BUT WHAT A PAIN IN THE NECK. Ear. Whatever.
I have done a bit of stitching, and a bit of spinning, but not much. I am really just hanging out. A different feeling, that, since I seldom do nothing. I just feel the need to not rush things. Yet I do need to get things done for October, so I can't lollygag around, but I think I may have learned that a few days well taken may save many days later on. If I hadn't tried to keep on going to work, doing the regular, could this have been a one week virus? Sigh. The cats are my constant companions, and give good scratches... oh wait, that's me scratching them! Hedonists! But then they are cats, so that is to be expected.

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Yarrow said...

I'm glad you're starting to recover now Kim, but still take it easy when you need to. Maybe now is the time to lose yourself in a good book or three! Hugs to you and Merlin sends a big, big kiss.X