Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Pumped

Tomorrow I go to the National Zoo to meet with a lot of Molly the Owl friends! So I have been making a couple things to go with... as it turns out, one is not going to be necessary, I made a bag to carry water in, but decided on a larger container and so will carry a larger bag and will just use one I have already. That's okay, that other will come in handy at Maryland Sheep and Wool or another place. But I decided I needed to have a little owl to carry around and take pictures of as we go around together to tour DC (some are coming from as far away as Boston) and this is the result. Molly and McGee Barn Owl had four little owlets: Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley, and this is Wesley! She is about four months old, and cute as a button, I think, though turning quite beautiful as she matures. Max is a female too, and Austin is a male. Pattison, we think, is a male too, though there was some discussion about that. Plummage is the only key, and at this age, it can be a little iffy sometimes. When they were named, no one could tell, so boy names were chosen. Anyway, little Wes will have her photo taken at the Zoo, and where ever else we go to record the experience. I will post when I get back!

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