Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

One of my favorite days, though since I work retail, I don't get to go visiting anymore. I did go to Merrifield Gardens and get Christmas stuff at 40-50% off, and come back to set it up. I think I have a migraine starting, though it could just be the weather affecting my sinuses, hard to tell at this point. Yuck. Off to work in an hour though, so it had better settle down quick. Cheers all, I hope you had as merry a Christmas as I did! All my children home, what a blessing! (Okay, I did turn the tree!)

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Sharon said...

I get that same point of confusion on a headache - sinus or migraine. I hate to waste an Imitrix if it's sinus, but then I don't want to wait too long in case it really is a migraine. Ugh.