Saturday, July 23, 2011


My word, he's cute! He's been coming around but when I get my camera out, he disappears. This time he hung around long enough that I got lots of pics. He was chased by the squirrels at first, they didn't want to share the peanuts, but after he zoomed all around them and still kept coming back for more, they gave up. Now he's hanging with the Big Boys!

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Tarot Card Done!

I will mail them off on Monday, and then have finished everything but the packing! Yippee!
Really, this was an interesting challenge. It is for my TravellersHart group, who decided to do a Nick Bantock (getting back to roots) homage tarot deck. I drew the Hanged Man card....
I really don't know that much about tarot, though it is interesting to me. Turns out the Hanged Man rerpresents patience, passivity, and sacrifice, with the bonus of resurrection thrown in! A most fitting card for me, particularly right now. Funny how God works in these things! I guess if He can use the jawbone of an ass..... ; )

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Busy Deck

Well, they finally got around to retarring the road in my developement, after parking out on the far street three other times. The back deck was a very busy place today, the birds were flitting all over. There were squirrels too, though they were not moving very quickly, unlike the birds. The screen pidgeon carrier seems to make a great resting place. So does the railing, evidently. A pilleated woodpecker and a hairy woodpecker, a yellow chickadee, sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, and a mystery bird appeared. The bird looks alot like a crestless cardinal, but has a black head. I have put up the best pics of it I could get (it was shy) and if you know what it is, tell me!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pennsic Countdown

One week left, seven days to the start of Pennsic 40, 8 days until we leave. All I really NEED to do is finish the grocery list for cold things, finalize the packing list, pack, and buy Meg's SCA membership. I am actually in reasonably good shape, with a week left to go. Of course there are other things to do for other commitments, but that is beside the point. I finished my entry for Month at the Museum.... finding out about it so late didn't help any, but that is done for now. I am already thinking about next year for that too!
I still have to finish up my Hanging Man Tarot card for my art group, but that is almost complete, I just need to print the back and shrink it all down. Then mail it of course.
Lets see, I also have to get in a class proposal for the phototransfer class I will add to the schedule next quarter. And that should be it before Pennsic. Can't wait. Really can'r wait. I definately need a vacation, and 2 weeks of doing first nothing and then classes and dancing and concerts sounds just the ticket to me. I don't have a thing planned until Friday of the forst week, so chillin' is the order of the day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More of Meghan's Wizardry

So the pics are now up for the fashion show, and here are Meg's designs. The pieces she didn't actually desin aren't here, but she had alot to do with the fabric and trim choices.... especially things like peacock feathers! They couldn't find a model that fit the yellow dress as well as they liked, but I still like it. I will just let the pieces speak for themselves.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Very Talented Daughter!

With the ever gracious Kenneth Flanagan, on the night of his anniversary show at National Harbor, MD. I am so very proud of her, and love the way she has taken her dream and pursued it, and Saturday watched her own pieces walking down the catwalk on beautiful models. I will see if I can put up some pics... don't know if that is okay yet. Here is a link to one of the YouTube videos.... there are several. This one has my favorite piece of hers I have seen so far... the white Tulip Coat, first out. Love, love, love it!

I am so very fortunate to be the mom of two such talented and bright kids.... though they are children no more. Meg and Josh.... I love you both so very much, and you make me proud to be your mom!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Meghan now has 10 skirts and 10 shirts to wear at Pennsic! She can wash midway if she needs to, and I am done sewing for her. I have a couple small things to make, like a pouch and a belt, but I am essentially done. I have packed the sunshade into the case and begun the grocery list. I will test the first bread mix tomorrow, and have to do the video for my application for Month at the Museum. Then I have to finish up the tarot card for TravellersHart. Then, I pack, Iand then I LEAVE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Evening!

Fat juicy ribs on the barby! Yum! Dinner was perfect, ribs, tater salad, coleslaw, and iced tea, with a later desert of a toffee Klondike Bar! What more could I want? My man did all the cooking, AND the cleaning, and then we watched A Capital Fourth on telly and I didn't move again until the folks in out square started lighting off sparklers and roman candles and such. Had to get a couple pics then. It was a good day, and a good day to remember the import of the original. It truly changed the world.... America IS a very different place, special no matter what our current president says. I am very proud of the US, though our ancestors are not perfect. Whose are? But all in all, our history is one in which we can be very gratified. Let us hope we do not throw it all away. Here's to another 235 years of a fine Republic.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nautical Napkins

So over at Purl Soho there is a great tutorial on how to make nautically themed napkins... so I thought I would give it a try. I chose M, G, and K since those are the initials of those of my family who will be at dinner tonight (I will do J later!) and found blue yellow and white fabric and off I went. It took a little longer than I thought (putting the lining on backwards didn't help) but I finished before midnight, with what I considered success. My Navy husband informed me they were the wrong colors (cur) but they were what was available, so I told him to suck it up, the yellow had faded! Anyway they are done and were fun. I will probably make a table runner eventually, though I don't have the perfect red either.... so I am a rebel!

Friday, July 1, 2011


So I came downstairs for breakfast and found my boys side by side, faces to the glass door.... ignoring the squirrel right in front of them! What could be holding their attention so fiercely? Do you see him? Getting a picture wasn't easy.... he was very fast! Behind the broom, zooming away to another herb pot! A chipmunk! Yep! The first I've seen here in the seven years I have lived in this house! I have seen evidence of them, their homes and scat, but not them. You can't see in the photo, but he has a clear little stripe on his face, cute as a button. He hopped from herb pot to herb pot, making the fronds quiver and shake, and scampered across the deck oblivious of the cat's fascinated death stare. Meanwhile those bad squirrels were trying to raid the birdfeeder, though they happily transfered to the peanuts I threw out to distract them. Sleek and fat, they are, mostly. I suspect I am not the only one who feeds them.