Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Gift Indeed!

I was having trouble visualizing the pieces for this skirt for my daughter.... she simply drew a picture, we hadn't a pattern, and I wanted to make it for this weekend's event. I was working on a couple more projects simultaneously, so felt a bit overwhelmed. As I was talking with a couple of the ladies where I work, who are amazingly talented, I said (facetiously) and you can have this done for me by next Friday, right? Mahtaub, a lovely woman from Iran, looked seriously at the pile of fabrics, then at me, and said, yes! Skipping many details, 6 days later she presented me with this finished skirt, exactly what Meghan drew, and after squeals of glee and big hugs, I showed it all around where I work. Before she left, I asked (not for the first time) what I could pay her, and her reply was that it was a gift, that for her friends, those she loves, she makes things! Makes things! What an understatement! I am still reeling from the generosity of this amazing friend I have made. I am very fortunate, very fortunate indeed.

The coat, somewhat anticlimactically, has been an ongoing project for some weeks, patterned after a couple of Pictish carvings on stones in Scotland. The coats there were short, I wanted mine long, and I added the collar for sheer pleasure and warmth, but the bones are there. It is all hand sewn, a lovely soft purple wool, lined in a navy silk. I will be warm at all my winter medieval events this year!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week of the Full Moon!

I know, I know, they say it doesn't have any bearing, but really, you know it does. This week there have been an aweful lot of strange things, and strange people. At work, in the neighborhood, on the news. Throw back your head and howl, friends, the moon was full.

In other news, the cats are totally unbothered by it all. The squirrels too seem totally unconcerned, and both are lounging around, making themselves at home.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 tribute

Budweiser made this, and I understand it only aired once. It is very powerful.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Put It Behind Us?

I will never forget.
When I read the two editorials suggesting we should move on, should put 9/11 behind us, I was sickened. This isn't like any other attack that has occured, it isn't like any other war we have ever fought, not like any other enemy we have ever faced. How do you defeat hatred? Kill an idea?
Instead of pretending 9/11 didn't happen, or was not important, or is no longer relevant, I will remember the men and women who died that bright September day in Washington, in Shanksville, and in New York. I will remember the earlier victims of terrorism, and those who have given their lives in this sad and desperate war. I will NEVER forget.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vivat Atlantia!

This year is my kingdom's 30th! Our celebration was in Montpelior Station, the past home of James Madison, our 4th President. It is the same site as the Fall Fiber Festival! Do you know, I have never been inside?
Anyway, the weather started well, but around lunchtime there was a Noachian deluge, complete with thunder and lightning loud enough to drown out the train sounds just across the street. We decided that neither chainmail nor armour would make a good Faraday cage, so called the fighting until it passed. The equestrian games had been about to begin, so they were delayed too, until the ground drained a bit. The rain only lasted a half hour or so, and the the fighting was back on.
Court was surprisingly succinct, though we elevated a Pelican (the highest service award, creating a Peer of the Realm), and at the end, Michael, current King, called for us all to stand. He then asked us to sit if we hadn't been there for 25th year, 20th, 15th, 10th, 5th (here I sat down) and then the first coronation, also his. He then asked those who had been there for the investiture of the Principality to step forward, and said that these few people were the remaining creators of Atlantia, and we all their offspring.... and they should be very proud of us, as we continued to make Atlantia great and strong. It was very moving. (Especially considering Michael had been fed scotch all court by his serving man! )
Here's to another 30 fabulous years!