Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiration, Plus a Squirrel Thief.

Squirrel first. We have a plethora of furry little bandits who come and visit the house every day, expecting handouts. I don't know why, I suppose it could be that my husband puts out nearly a kiloton of peanuts each morning to make them feel loved. Okay, maybe not a kiloton. But a lot! I had the door open for air while I was cooking last week, and all of a sudden I felt something rub my leg. Well, more scratch or pull, actually. I looked down, expecting to see one of my cats, but no, it was one of the local sciurids, looking up at me. Little beggar. I said "Shoo" and she just stared at me. I walked towards the door, and she followed. I waited for her to go out. Nope. Demanding little thing. So I threw a peanut outside, and she went to get it. There was one of my cats, under the lawn chaise looking confused....

I went back to cooking, tap tap tap. Good Grief! I got my camera and when I came back, she was jumping off the counter with a (stolen) peanut. She was a cool character, gotta give her that.

Now for the INSPIRATION. Click here. Don't argue, don't hesitate, don't think, just do it. You won't ever say "I can't" again. Really. Thanks to Donovan at Castle Argh for the link.

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