Friday, September 7, 2012

After the Storm

The first full day of Pennsic 41 dawned clear and beautiful. The ground had firmed up over night and we began setting up tents.

eventually we got mine up, and it was right next to the road. I couldn't fit my kitchen/sitting area though, and knew I would miss it. Still, 30feet from the privies is a good thing at 0200!


I set up inside the next day, a real scorcher, and as always, my tent was pretty darn comfy.
The following day, I began my volunteering. This is the view from the Lost and Found tent, right next to Security Point. I caught my Watch shift rides there, as well as my Disability cart rides. Fun stuff, and useful too. I did 12 scheduled shifts and a couple unscheduled when there wasn't anyone to do them. Or there was a big storm, or whatever. I didn't realize when I first started going to Pennsic how many volunteers were needed. Now I love to know I help make the whole thing work so people can have fun. I enjoy that, and it really isn't onerous. If you attend Pennsic...or any event... Consider volunteering. You'll have fun, and facilitate others doing the same!



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