Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late, but Finally Up!

Cars everywhere, and mine is stuffed!

rain advances....

and surrounds me....

oh my, it is a very bad storm....

but only lasted about 25 minutes, then cleared like a squall at sea.

Arrival at my annual vacation was late, harried and confused because of the detour sign had been removed. After 20 minutes on the road, waiting, I was on site, in the middle of a long line of cars...with a dark line of clouds fast approaching. Then it hit, and we took a lightning strike and lost all electronics.... Check in took almost 5 hours! What a mess. The staff and volunteers were tired and hungry, and the ground was too soupy to put up my tent. After dinner and changing clothes, I set up in the common tent for our group, several of us talked for a few hours and then collapsed into bed and slept the sleep of the young. And I am not!

Pennsic had begun, and I was happy!


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