Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mordred's Lullaby

Heather Dale is one of my favorite musicians, truly a beautiful voice and a talent for lyrics and music.  The eerieness of this is sort of fitting for this time of year, even if the subject is Arthurian.
The story of Mordred is a sad one, and told in many ways in many stories, but the ones where Morgaine (or Morgause, in some cases) knew he would die, and sent him to destroy Arthur anyway are the saddest.  I can't imagine using a child of mine so selfishly, to exact revenge, knowing it would would be the death of my son, as well.   There is a dance choreographed to this that I learned at Pennsic a couple years back... the man is brought from close control to seeming freedom, but always truly controlled by the woman.  Quite well done. 

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