Sunday, November 25, 2012

What ARE You Doing?

This is the look I get when I interrupt the serious grooming of the border cat to move something from under his nose.  He is rather annoyed with me, though I didn't actually touch him or shift him or otherwise truly disturb him.  But I drew his attention, and that took it away from a far more important task!  It isn't actually a stinkeye, but pretty darn close.

My son has requested wall art for Christmas, and I am planning several things.  I am so happy that he has asked me for some art!  I think Meg could use some too, though I don't know if she wants any.  Her apartment is as bare as his... barer in fact.  My little brain is working overtime planning out stuff for a wildlife managers walls.... I have too many ideas, actually.  I have to narrow it down.  Fish, birds, dall sheep, bison, wolves, all have possibilities.  Hmmmm......

By the way, go over to Lily's Quilts for a great giveaway... I love this collection of Kaufman's.  

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