Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warping the Quilt Club

So this is the block that we are all starting with this year... Sunbonnet Sue, classically done.  I, of course, am a rebel, and have no intention of doing Sue in a classic style.  In fact, we spent much of the time in quilt club discussing how to warp the standard Sue block into something less like your grandmother would have made, and more like a technicolor dream.  Or nightmare, in some cases!  We will be making 12 blocks, 8 small, 4 large, using either Sunbonnet Sue or Overall Bill or a combination of them. 

My first block has been started... Sigridr and Balli are my two Norse faceless friends.... oh, this is going to be fun!  I am doing the handwork now.... I have many plans.....


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Warped, nope. Out of the box, off the hook fun--yes! Your sense of humor is a hoot and the yard birds are a great touch, too.