Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to Basics


I got this wonderful pumpkin colored mohair roving from Peavine Hollow Farm two years ago, and hadn't done anything with it yet. After going to the Md Sheep and Wool this year, I decided it was time. I want a nice medium two ply yarn that I can weave with, so I worked on my wonderful Rick Reeves wheel, oiling, rubbing, tying a new drive band, adjusting, until I was satisfied. Then I started spinning, and isn't it lovely!

My spinning tends to be fairly thin, and when I make it thicker, like his, I have trouble keeping it consistent, but that takes time and practice. I get into a rut, grist wise, and am set to autopilot. I need to break out! Between the spinning, the quilting, and the costuming, I am pretty busy, but enjoying it a lot. The break from working full time has been nice, but I need to get back to it. Bills are calling! In the mean time, pumpkin yarn is happening, and I am smiling!


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