Monday, May 5, 2008

My Haul

So okay, I confess, I didn't go home Saturday emptyhanded. I almost made it though. Almost. What I did leave with is very restrained, just a mere 1.5 pounds of merino wool in yummy colors! See?


mary schweitzer said...

Oooh, they look like clouds or sherbert! Makes me want to sink my hands in!

Eastjewels said...

Oh Wow Kim....these are awesome. I used to weave a lot, I have a
45" floor loom that I love, but don't weave much now days. I do use angora goat hair for my santas.
These wool hanks are so beautiful, can't wait to see how they spin up.
Linda (Okla)

Christy said...

cotton candy... that is what these remind me of. are you going to make a blanket with them? lovely!

studioodd said...

LOvELy ... i dont think i could have behaved though lol.. we are having a fiber fest in august and I am saving for a spending spree LOL