Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cute Puppy, Unhappy Cat!

We had friends over last evening, it was Ariel's 13th birthday, and they brought their westie and their new deerhound puppy too.  What a cutie!  He was either on or off, and cute both ways!  It was a delightful evening, filled with talk and laughter and food and acupuncture(!), and the cats disappeared upstairs until the westie found one.... poor Trouble came tearing downstairs at full speed, hit the counter in the kitchen and rose to the fridge top, there to stay until well after the westie and her folks were gone for the night!  Poor traumatized kitty....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tea Time

 The Pellon website has some terrific project tutorials for free!  This little tea cozy is one of them, and was a snap to put together.  I used Clothworks Hydrangea for the main fabric, and a P and B Fabrics Bear Essentials for the casing and lining. 

The woven mug mat I found here though in slightly different form.  I love the way it got all curvy when I stitched it down the center of the woven bits.  I used the Hydrangea and Bear Essentials again, I really love them together.  Blue and green has always been a favorite combination of mine. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiration, Plus a Squirrel Thief.

Squirrel first. We have a plethora of furry little bandits who come and visit the house every day, expecting handouts. I don't know why, I suppose it could be that my husband puts out nearly a kiloton of peanuts each morning to make them feel loved. Okay, maybe not a kiloton. But a lot! I had the door open for air while I was cooking last week, and all of a sudden I felt something rub my leg. Well, more scratch or pull, actually. I looked down, expecting to see one of my cats, but no, it was one of the local sciurids, looking up at me. Little beggar. I said "Shoo" and she just stared at me. I walked towards the door, and she followed. I waited for her to go out. Nope. Demanding little thing. So I threw a peanut outside, and she went to get it. There was one of my cats, under the lawn chaise looking confused....

I went back to cooking, tap tap tap. Good Grief! I got my camera and when I came back, she was jumping off the counter with a (stolen) peanut. She was a cool character, gotta give her that.

Now for the INSPIRATION. Click here. Don't argue, don't hesitate, don't think, just do it. You won't ever say "I can't" again. Really. Thanks to Donovan at Castle Argh for the link.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For a Friend

When my daughter was thirteen, one of my dearest friends went into labor after a difficult time getting pregnant, and a bit of a high risk due to her age. My daughter very much wanted to accompany me to the hospital to pray and help however she could, so off we went. After more than 30 hours (!) of labor, and a caesarian to deliver the hip presented breech baby, a beautiful healthy little girl was delivered into her Mom's arms.
That baby turns thirteen later this month! She will be here with us on that day, and we are so happy! My daughter has been known as The Princess all her life (another story) and Ariel has become The Princess in Training. She is a delight. So I thought I would make a little something for her.... and her favorite color is yellow.... Happy Birthday sweetie!